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Watch ""My Angel Wings" by Prince RyLo #NeverGiveUp" on YouTube

"My Angel Wings" by Prince RyLo #NeverGiveUp:

"My Angel Wings" by Prince RyLo #RyLoTheHedgehogMusic


New Song Releasing on 8/26/14

Due to my stress level increasing from fake friends & fake family, i decided to relieve stress with a new song. I’m singing & rapping on this one. It’s REALLY deep & i haven’t done one like this in a long time…..

Fake Friends & Fake Family…..

Nothing like losing friends & family cuz they hate to see you happy. That’s cuz they was never real in the first place. All i need is my 2 little brothers & my Fiancée & I’m good for life!!

Our Wedding = December 27th 2014 by PrinceRyLoBeats

Real Love by Prince RyLo #RyLoTheHedgehogMusic

Shoutout to ALL INTERRACIAL COUPLES!!!! #OneLove

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Early Morning Work

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