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Good News: I AM ENGAGED!!!

Well, sorry for not being on here for so long but on 7/13/14, my girlfriend & i got engaged & she has the most beautiful ring to go brag about lol She is spoiled to death & i love my Fiancée very dearly! #TeamInterracial #Engaged

Watch "Real Love by Prince RyLo (NEW SONG!)

Real Love by Prince RyLo #RyLoTheHedgehogMusic:

Real Love by Prince RyLo #RyLoTheHedgehogMusic by Prince RyLo on SoundCloud


Let's T-Pain Mario!!!!!

Check out Prince RyLo aka RyLoTheHedgehog’s post on Vine!


It is a beautiful thing. People talk so bad about it cuz of their past experience. Well you won’t have a brighter future if you don’t try…..look your fears & pain in the eyes & tell them that they can’t stop you from searching for happiness.
~Prince RyLo

Just sitting here thinking about life…..

Ash Sides With The Dark by PrinceRyLoBeats (Not For Sale) by PrinceRyLoBeats on SoundCloud

Dark Instrumental I made from a Pokemon game. Black & White 2 if i remember correctly. My friend wanted me to sample it so i did.

Super Smash Bros. newcomers!

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