Fake Friends & Fake Family…..

Nothing like losing friends & family cuz they hate to see you happy. That’s cuz they was never real in the first place. All i need is my 2 little brothers & my Fiancée & I’m good for life!!

Our Wedding = December 27th 2014 by PrinceRyLoBeats

Real Love by Prince RyLo #RyLoTheHedgehogMusic

Shoutout to ALL INTERRACIAL COUPLES!!!! #OneLove

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Early Morning Work

"Kanban No Shita" by Prince RyLo #RyLoTheHedgehogMusic

Love…..that’s all….

People Revealing Their TRUE Feelings….

Seems like the only time when people say & show how they really feel is when you’re happy moving on, about to get married, & about to have a child along the way. Mainly when you’re doing MUCH BETTER than you have before. People expect you to be unhappy after they leave you in the dry but when you’re happy, they get mad cuz it goes against their plan. Once you let go of a diamond & go for a rock, someone else BETTER will take care of that diamond BETTER than you ever did….

Real Love by Prince RyLo #RyLoTheHedgehogMusic

Dedicated to my Fiancée

RyLoTheHedgehog's Resurrection by PrinceRyLoBeats

One of the HARDEST instrumentals I have EVER made…. This tells a story just like any other beat I’ve ever made. Just listen to it and enjoy. Feel the emotions.

Real Love by Prince RyLo #RyLoTheHedgehogMusic by Prince RyLo on SoundCloud

Dedicated to Fiancée….


All wedding plans are going smoothly. I’m so happy

RyLoTheHedgehog's Resurrection by PrinceRyLoBeats

RyLoTheHedgehog was killed by his arch nemesis & his lover’s tears are currently healing him & reviving him back to life!
~Prince RyLo

The Beginning by Brock Jackson & PrinceRyLoBeats

A collaboration with my friend Brock Jackson. He played the guitar while i mix & made my beat. His wife thought of the song title while my Fiancée created my Vocal Tags in the track. True teamwork! We are currently working on more music for those who enjoy this!!!
~Prince RyLo

From yesterday (7/19/14)

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